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Kingston Bread Lab is a community supported micro-bakery in historic Kingston, New York. Our obsession with chasing after the ultimate loaf of bread has led us to creating something that we want to share. Our focus is on small batch, naturally leavened breads made with freshly milled grains.

Kingston Bread Lab is a project by Aaron Quint. He is the co-author of The Pizza Book and a gluten obsessive. After baking bread for friends and family for years he wanted to take his bread practice to the next level, but starting as small as possible. Each week he mixes, shapes, and bakes each bread by hand using only fresh flour, water, salt, and the starter culture hes been nurturing for over 4 years. The goal is to be able to experiment, refine, and push the boundaries of delicousness.

What is a community support micro-bakery?

Yeah, I know - that's a mouthful. A Community Supported Bakery or CSB is a different sort of bakery where instead of making bread and putting it for sale in a shop, we pre-sell a limited number 'shares' for a period of time (8 weeks) and each week, members pick up their share. For members, this means reliable fresh and delicious bread weekly and for us, it means we only bake the amount of bread we need to. Community supported has a stronger meaning for us, in that we want to use this project to continue to strengthen the awesome community of artists and eaters we have in Kingston, NY. We call it a micro-bakery because production still happens in a house and not a commercial kitchen. This means our production is truly limited by the space we have.

What kind of bread do you make?

We strive to make #realbread using traditional processes. Our breads are naturally leavened (meaning they don't use commercial yeast), have a faint but not overpowering sourness and taste like the grains they are made from. We enjoy using freshly milled ancient grains like Spelt and Einkorn to enhance the flavor and health benefits.

Most weeks members will receive a single medium loaf (about 1.75 lbs) of freshly baked bread. Occasionally we will instead have bagels, rolls or other specialties. Each week will feature a rotating cast of different grains and styles and we're constantly looking for feedback from our members of what varieties they like the most.

What are your hours?

Trick question! We're don't have an actual storefront so we don't have 'hours'.

How do I sign up?

A limited number of shares are available through this website. When members drop out or we are able to expand production we will put up new shares and notify the mailing list and our social media.

What does it cost?

Shares are really just pre-purchasing a number of loaves of bread for the coming weeks. If you want to pick up multiple in a week, just let us know ahead of time. Loaves are cheaper the more you buy in advance. The prices and availability are listed in our shop.

What if I just want one loaf of bread? Or a couple bagels?

On Thursdays before the bake, we will put up the weekly loaves are their availablity in the shop. These extra loaves are very limited and orders have to be placed by Friday morning. If you have a special request, feel free to email us.

Where/when do I pick up my bread?

When you sign up you'll receive an email with directions for pick up in Uptown Kingston, NY. Pickups are weekly on Saturday mornings (which coincides with the Kingston Farmers Market).

We skip some weeks (for vacation/events) and we'll let all members know in advance.

What if I want to skip a week or can't make it to pick up the bread?

Each week we send out a survey to subscribers asking which loaf (when there is a selection) they want or if they are skipping a week. You can skip as many weeks as you want, the credit/loaves you already paid for will be good indefinitely.

I think this is awesome but I don't live anywhere near Kingston, can I support in any other way?

Thanks! You can help us out by buying any of our merchandise - proceeds go directly to funding the bakery.