Week 9


Last week was bonkers. Thanks to all of you who came out to the stand at The Northern Grade Barn. Business was steady throughout the day, I had an awesome little helper (see above) and we sold out of every loaf, including some half loaves and some amazing Chocolate Rye cookies that Kat made.

This week has been equally busy for different reasons. This Saturday, I’ll be doing a bread making workshop at Catskills Conf after the morning bake and if it goes well I hope to be doing some more in the future. Pickups will still be on Saturday morning, but I might have to leave a little early in which case I’ll mark and leave loaves on the back porch.

Additionally - your tote bags are here!! If you are a ‘Founding Subscriber’, you can pick up your tote on Saturday with your bread.

This also marks the end of ‘Season 1’ of Kingston Bread Lab. This doesn't mean that if you purchased a share you won’t be getting the couple loaves you’re owed - baking will continue. I set the 8 week season to give me a chance to reflect on how things went if there are things that can be improved, and really to challenge myself. I feel very happy about how things went overall, but I know they can be even better.

I’m working on a little survey to send all subscribers to collect some feedback and maybe make some other changes.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a share or just a loaf and has supported us this far. It means more than you can know.

This Weeks Loaf: Spelt Levain + Kamut Pan Loaf

einkorn loaf.jpg

Mixing it up with a choice of two ancient grain breads this weekend. The Spelt Levain was the first bread I sold out of last weekend - the intense wheaty flavor and mild sourness won people over.

Kamut is an interesting ancient grain that is low in gluten but high in flavor. This bake I’m going to try to capture the essence of that flavor with big yellow sandwich loaves.

Now Playing: Four Tet - New Energy Spotify

I don’t know how I feel about the expression ‘this gives me life’, but I will say that this week, the new album from Four Tet has been giving me life. I’ve been a fan for more than 15 years now, and his work keeps getting tighter, more minimal, yet somehow more emotional, too.

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