Week 12

While everyone is hunkering down, I’m starting to plan out my winter projects. I’m going to make mozzarella, cure a bunch of sausages, and try to really nail true croissants.

I also have some bigger plans for the bread lab. The first big thing that’s happening is I’ll be selling bread and, more exciting, making open face toast/sandwiches at this year's Hudson Valley Hullabaloo in Midtown Kingston on Nov. 18th. I’m really excited about this because it’s one step closer to my master plan of eventually opening up the best bakery/sandwich shop in the Hudson Valley.

In an effort to try to make as much bread as possible for the event, though, there will be no regular pickups on Nov. 18th. The goal is to get more people interested in the Bread Lab.

However, I would love to have my bread be part of your Thanksgiving table so I will be doing pickups for anyone that wants/is around on Weds. Nov. 22. If you’d like more than one loaf, I’ll make that available, too. I’ll be sending out an email with more details about that next week.

This Weeks Loaf: Whole Durum with Za’atar Crust & Spelt/Rye Pan Loaf


In my recent shipment of whole grain, I picked up some whole organic durum wheat. Durum is one of the oldest known grain cultivars. It has special cultural significance to a lot of different countries: Atta flour which is used for chapatis in India is made from durum; It is used to produce Cous Cous in North Africa; it is a core staple of all Italian pasta and bread making in the form of Semolina (which is the sifted middlings of durum wheat). I decided to pair this freshly milled whole wheat durum with another middle eastern flavor that I love Za’atar. After some tests this week, this bread has a mild sourness that balances well with the Za'atar. The durum gives it a unique flavor that isn’t sweet like semolina but has some of the same notes.

I’m also making a new pan loaf featuring a good dose of fresh spelt and rye flour. The rye in this gives the bread its truly distinct and unmistakable flavor. This bread reminds me of a good eastern European loaf, but without the dense brick feeling. It would go great with some dill-laden scrambled eggs or some matches herring.

Now Playing: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - The Kid Spotify


I’ve been waiting for this album all year. I got truly obsessed with the wild sounds of Smith’s full-length album last year (Ears) and was waiting for a new dose of hypnotic and beautiful sounds. This new album is different in a lot of ways but doesn’t disappoint. It feels cosmic just like the album art depicts.

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