Week 15

I’m still excited about all the awesome things going on in Kingston Bread Lab Land. I have some exciting things in the works for 2018 and in the meantime, I’m excited to be baking as much as possible. Unfortunately, I’m still having trouble with my oven, so I have to limit production to just shares until I get that all sorted out.

For Pickup on Saturday - If you want to get your loaf before noon, you can come to the usual location (my back door). If you want to pick up anytime later in the day, I’ll drop them off at Rough Draft and will be hanging out there for a bit but you can get them wherever.

If all goes well, this Saturday, our friends at Rough Draft should also be serving toast using Kingston Bread Lab bread! 

This Weeks Loaf: Kingston Country + Whole Spelt Pan Loaf


I’ve been readjusting all of my formulas since the weather is changed so this week I’m going back to basics to try to just make a really great country-style loaf. This is mostly white flour (from King Arthur) with a good dose of whole wheat from Farmer Ground Flour in Trumansburg, NY. This will be great with a slab of butter or soaking up a rich stew.

I’m also testing out a new technique for this week’s pan loaf: Scalded whole wheat (in this case Spelt). The idea here is you scald a part of the whole wheat flour with boiling water. This breaks down some of the starches and sugars in the flour and when combined with the rest of the flour and water makes for a sweeter and moister bread. I’m excited to use 100% NY flour in the recipe. This will be great with a smear of cream cheese and some smoked fish.

Now Playing: Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference Spotify


There's something special about fresh jazz - something that evokes the grand history that comes before it, but is new at the same time. This has been my working music as of late and it pairs nicely with a cold morning and hot coffee.

Aaron Quint