A Bread Lab

My trusty and well stained notebook, where I keep tabs on all my dough experiments

My trusty and well stained notebook, where I keep tabs on all my dough experiments

As with a lot of projects, the idea of starting a little bakery started way before it had a name. My bread obsession has been a constant for the last seven years, with few breaks here and there, crescendoing recently as I started to feel like I was crossing some new thresholds of fermentation. I felt like the only way to get to the next level was to bake more and the only way to bake more was to start to sell my bread (there’s really only so much I can convince my family to eat in a day).

Going from baking a couple loaves a week to baking a dozen or more is a big leap. I want this to be about process not just about the product. In other words, the point for me is to learn, research, explore, and get better at the craft. The final product, ideally a beautiful loaf of flavorful bread, is one of the goals, but the point isn't just to churn out the same thing every day or even every week.

This is not a production bakery, it’s a lab - it’s a place for me to experiment and push my abilities and the bread to some mysterious and ultimate goal.

I’m very aware that there is already THE BREAD LAB and I’m grateful for the work that they do and I’m certainly not in the same league (though I would love to visit some day). I think the idea of a bread lab fits perfectly with my current situation. If I’m doing my job, I’m learning something new every week and then sharing my knowledge in the form of bread and writing about my process.

I’ve spent a while now tweaking recipes, writing notes in a progressively more stained notebook, and the bread keeps getting better. More importantly, I know more about the science and the process. I still have a seemingly endless amount to learn, but I’m excited to share it all.


Aaron Quint