Week 1

Each week, I'm sending out an email on Thursday to let everyone know about the bread for the upcoming weekend. I'll be posting the previous weeks update a week after, but you can get the latest in your inbox by subscribing to the mailing list below.

I’m so excited this is actually happening. I know it seems small (and it is) but being able to make bread, have people buy, and love it, is really one of the things that keeps me going.

This is the first week of what I hope are very many and I’m excited you are all on the journey.

Each week I’ll be sending this email on Thursday with a little bit about the bread I’m making, a quick recipe/tip, and some of the music that’s powering this little bakery that could.

Pickup is this Saturday, starting at 11AM. There are still shares available. I’ll also be making a small number of extra loaves available for $8 on a first come basis (I take cards, too!).

This Weeks Loaf: Spelt Levain

Spelt is one of my favorite grains to bake with. It has a flavor that reminds me of the wheatiest wheat and because it's so high in protein, it makes for loaves that have a beautiful open crumb and light texture. My Spelt Levain bread is made with 15% fresh ground (really fresh! i.e. Friday morning) whole Spelt and 85% King Arthur Bread Flour. Even at only 15% you can really taste the flavor of the grain.

Recipe: Toast with Labneh, Za’atar and Olive Oil


This recipe doesn't have much to do with actually cooking but it’s the middle of the summer, the less cooking the better (says the guy who will have his oven on for hours a week baking). The real reason I want to share this recipe is that I love labneh and finally found a source in Kingston.

I grew up eating buckets of Labneh and Hummus from Sahadi’s on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. It’s one of those ingredients that seems really close to a lot of other things (Is it yogurt? Is it cream cheese?) but when it’s good, it's really uniquely delicious. A couple months ago, I found out that Adams actually carries this ‘local’ brand (Karoun) of Labneh and I’ve been buying it regularly ever since. It’s packed with flavor and is thick enough to spread on your favorite bread.

In this case, the large holes on the Spelt loaf are ideal for holding copious amounts of sour cheese spread. The tartness of the labneh is amped up by the slight tang of the bread, and somehow you end up tasting the wheat’s natural sweetness more than anything. Add a sprinkle of a favorite middle eastern spice blend, Za’atar, and a drizzle of your favorite olive oil and you have a couple magical bites. Like the best food, this combination is a port-key for me - transporting me to hot afternoons in Jerusalem eating fresh Za’atar bread from the market.

Now Playing: Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder (Spotify)

Broken Social Scene helped me through a lot of travel in my life (You Forgot It In People is my #1 sleeping on planes record) and the new album has been in regular rotation in the kitchen as we worked up to the first big bake.

Aaron Quint