Week 5

Greetings! Over here at the Bread Lab, we’re getting into the swing of the school year and lots of changes afoot. The change back to cooler temperatures has already forced me to adjust my timings and proofing (Note: our kitchen is barely insulated, so its basically equivalent to the outside temp).

We had a VERY successful first pop-up market sale at the Northern Grade Barn last Sunday. We came with 20 full-size loaves (the most I’ve ever made in a single go) and sold every single one by 1:15 PM (despite it being a rainy Sunday). There are more events and collaborations coming up soon, too. I’ve been working on changing the way I use my oven as well to try to increase production (going from Dutch Ovens to Firebrick) AMA.

This Week’s Loaf: Einkorn Whole Wheat


Einkorn is the first ancient grain I got into and I haven’t really turned back. It’s one of the oldest wheat tracing its direct roots back to ancient Rome and possibly before. Maybe it’s the story but something about the smell of Einkorn reminds me of rosemary and olive oil. I fresh mill the whole grain, and when I bake it fills the house with the distinctive aroma. I like using Einkorn as an introduction to ancient grains because even though this loaf is mostly whole wheat, it has such a specific flavor that you could clearly identify it. It's yellowish tint also makes it pretty easy to recognize by just looking. Einkorn is a little more difficult to work with than some of the other grains I use, so I supplement it with the strong high extraction NY-grown and milled flour I get from Farmer Ground.

Recipe: Pan con Tomate


Not so much a recipe as much as a lifestyle, I'm sure there are likely a million variations of this Catalonian national dish. My favorite style is what I saw and ate in Barcelona a couple years ago. With it being the peak of tomatoes up here, I thought this would be appropriate. You really need very few things:

  • Good sturdy bread (got it)
  • A fresh but maybe slightly under-ripe tomato (you just don't want it to fall apart)
  • a clove of garlic, peeled
  • good olive oil
  • sea salt

Toast your bread really hard so that it is very dry and can soak up the tomato.

Take the garlic and rub it all over the surface of the bread.

Cut the bottom end of the tomato off and rub the whole tomato against the bread slice using it like a grater.

Drizzle with olive oil and salt. Enjoy.

Now Playing: Steve Gunn - Eyes On The Lines Spotify

I’ve been re-enjoying Steve Gunn’s catalog after hearing the very exciting news that he’ll be playing O+ this year in Kingston. The terrific guitar work and pulsing melodies are always great headphone music and have kept me going through this pretty intense work week.

Aaron Quint