Kingston Bread Lab: Phase II


I am very pleased to announce that starting soon, Kingston Bread Lab will be baking and selling bread out of Rough Draft Bar & Books in Uptown Kingston.

When I launched Kingston Bread Lab a little over 6 months ago, the plan was always to start small and slowly work my way up to whatever was the next step. In my mind, there was the dream of having my own space that I could make into a food lab, but realistically I was thinking I would have to rent time at a shared kitchen space.

Somehow, though the most amazing serendipity, Amanda and Anthony opened Rough Draft around the corner from me. Not only have they created my favorite place to hang out and become friends, we were able to work out an arrangement where we both can invest in building out their kitchen to become a home for Kingston Bread Lab.


I’ve started buying new and used equipment and this weekend set up the first piece: My workbench. Over the next couple weeks, the rest of the equipment will arrive and get set up: A dedicated oven (a Rofco), a spiral mixer, racks, new banneton, and a whole shipment of organic flour.

For the foreseeable future, I’m still just doing this on the nights and weekends as my passion project (I still have a full-time job). However, with a dedicated space I’ll not only be able to bake more, but I’ll also be able to explore whole new things (read: bagels, pizza, and other pop-ups).

Opening date is not set yet (we need to get everything set up and then inspected) but the working plan is mid-February. Once the baking gets into swing I’ll be able to take on new weekly shares and we’ll be doing at least monthly Saturday toast labs, if not more. I’ll also be opening up to some weekly wholesale for other shops/restaurants that are interested in the area.

Follow the newsletter, the blog, and Instagram for more details as we have them. I’ll be posting more pictures of the space as it gets set up.

Aaron Quint