January Update: Good News and Bad News

The Short Story:

Unfortunately, due to my primary oven failing there will be no bread for at least the next 3 weeks. The good news is I’m in the final stages of finalizing a new space where I’ll have a dedicated kitchen and will be able to do lots more baking.

The Longer Story:

Since the inception of Kingston Bread Lab, the idea was to start small and try to scale up slowly. This meant starting at home and using my home oven to bake all the bread. This has worked pretty well so far! I’ve been able to support 17 weeks of pickups and 3 pop-ups, including the hullabaloo where I baked 60+ loaves over two days.

There have been hiccups though. I have a double gas oven where there is a large convection oven, and a smaller side oven. When baking for pickups, I’ll use 3 dutch ovens (2 in the large, 1 in the small) at a time. Since the beginning, I’ve had problems with my convection fan (which is really necessary to effectively heat the large oven) and over the past 2 months, problems where the small oven would not heat correctly. Despite getting it serviced multiple times, now the large oven has stopped working entirely which means I can only bake a single loaf at a time. This makes doing pickups impossible. I’ve scheduled service again but only the manufacturer can do it (they’re going to rebuild the entire oven) so it will be a couple of weeks before I can bake.

I’m extremely sad about this because not only are there a bunch of new subscribers who have only picked up once or twice but I felt like I had a ton of momentum coming up to the holiday. Apologies to all!

Much better news: this week there were some handshakes to finalize renting a kitchen space in Uptown Kingston. This will mean:

  • Having a dedicated space to work
  • Buying bigger/better equipment and tools so I can bake more/sell more each week
  • Being able to expand into new types of bread (including bagels and ciabatta)
  • Selling out of a legitimate space that’s not my back door

But also:

  • Having a regular space for pop-ups (including regular Toast Labs)
  • Being able to increase production to do some wholesale for other local Cafes/Restaurants
  • Generally being able to do bigger and better things

If you can’t tell, I’m really excited.

While I have downtime regular pickups, I’m still testing out new recipes as well as starting to get equipment and other things for the new space. I’ll be posting some pics on Instagram and the blog as things progress.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

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