Week 48

Greetings from Winterland, USA. I’m planning on warming up near the oven for the next few days but will have to spend a bunch of time outside working the smoker for this weekends main event (see below).

With the big party happening this weekend, there will be no bagels for sale but there will be bread and TONS of food, so please come by and eat.

We will also be in full effect for bagels and all the fixings on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/24). Looking forward to indulging you after a full week of eating.

Pre-order Bread or Signup for a share


This Saturday on top of our bread shares, we’ll be cooking and smoking up a storm to celebrate Rough Draft’s First Birthday. There will be food starting at noon (until we sell out) as well as lots of other giveaways and fun. See the full menu above. Additionally, If I'm not passed out from cooking for 24 hours straight, I’ll be doing a DJ set starting at 9PM. Get ready to GET DOWN.

Thanksgiving Shares

On top of shares for this weekend, I’m doing a special pickup for bread for Thanksgiving. You can pre-order loaves through Monday for pickup Weds at noon.. If you have a share, you can use one of your share credits for a loaf, but you have to let me know by Monday. I won’t be baking extra so please get your orders in!

This Week’s Loaf: Caraway Rye + Oland + Upstate Levain + Kingston Country

No baguettes or bagels this weekend and bread beyond shares will be really limited. Please let me know if you want me to reserve something for you if you have a share, or buy a loaf ahead of time online.

  • The first round of Caraway Rye came out great - a really good middle ground of my favorite sourdough and the classic NY Deli Rye. We’ll be serving this with our BBQ this weekend.

  • Oland is a grain of Scandinavian origin that is now being grown and milled in Maine by Maine Grains. We mix it into a hearty boule that is becoming one of our favorite loaves.

  • Upstate Levain is our classic loaf with 50% local whole wheat (some of it fresh milled). Great for sandwiches.

  • Kingston Country is our take on a pain de campaigne, a French sourdough loaf, with mostly organic white flour and a touch of fresh-milled local whole wheat. Great for dipping in olive oil or your favorite schmear.

Now Playing: Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow - Annihilation Soundtrack


Kind of an odd pick this week - I watched Annihilation on a recent flight (the movie was ‘OK’) but the soundtrack was great. This has been my late night focus music for the past week. It’s an interesting mix of live instrumentation (strummed guitars) and wild synth growls.

Aaron Quint