Week 52: Kamut, I hardly know you

After a pretty solid weekend of pretty solid bagels and bread (I was extremely happy with how that Oat Porridge came out) I’ve spent the last couple days working in Portland, OR but also getting in some good meals as well. The only bad news about this weeks trip to PDX is that I have less time to prep on Thursday which means I’ll be doing all of my baking Saturday morning (instead of what I usually do which is bake a batch later Friday night as well). This means I’ll be doing a smaller selection of loaves this week and also, if you want a specific loaf, I’ll try to give you a relative time frame when they'll be coming out of the oven, but everything should be available by noon.

There will also be a couple special bagels this weekend - **The Shiksa (homemade ham + cheddar) will be back. **


We think Weekly Bread Shares could be a great gift for the Holidays. If you purchase a share between now and the end of the year, just add a note at checkout of who the share is for/their email and when you would like me to send the notification to them. Viola - they get to pick up a fresh loaf every weekend. I can’t think of anything that will make them happier.

For every share purchased between now and the end of the year, I’ll also throw in a free “Leavened By Nature” tote bag. Cheers!

You can pre-order bagels (and bread) online They’re also a bit cheaper if you order them ahead of time and it guaruntees you some bagels. Pickups start at 9:30 AM on Saturday.

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This Week’s Loaf: Oland + Upstate Levain + Kamut Pan + Baguettes


As mentioned above, a relatively small bake this weekend - No Kingston Country loaves, but a lot more Oland + Levain than usual.

  • Kamut Pan loaves are our favorite sandwich bread. Kamut (aka Khorosan) is an ancient grain that we get from Milanese in Quebec. I think it has a bit of a sweet honey taste while still being 100% vegan (like all our other breads). It will be great for leftover turkey or PB jelly sandwiches.

  • Oland is a grain of Scandinavian origin that is now being grown and milled in Maine by Maine Grains. We mix it into a hearty boule that is becoming one of our favorite loaves.

  • Upstate Levain is our classic loaf with 50% local whole wheat (some of it fresh milled). Great for sandwiches.

Now Playing: Anenon - Tounge

This ambient/jazz/electronic album was shared with me recently and its been a good soundtrack for my recent travels and walking around cities. It's quiet and reflective. Peaceful but not at all boring.

Aaron Quint