The Kitchen is READY.

Kingston Bread Lab Phase II is here.



Friends! The time is (almost) here.

This week electric and plumbing were finished in our new kitchen at Rough Draft and I turned on the oven and baked my first loaves. OK, they came out burnt as all hell. Still very edible though! And the loaves I baked today (second batch) came out almost perfect.

The current plan (pending inspection) is to resume the regular Saturday pickups the first weekend of March (3/3/18). We’ll call it the grand opening and there will almost definitely be special treats.

This weekend (2/17 and 2/18) I’ll be doing test bakes all weekend. If you’re in the area, stop by Rough Draft and say hi. If I’m not there just then, there will almost definitely be bread (and bagels on Sunday) to pick up (gratis).

Now is also a good time to buy a bread share if you haven't already. Even though the new setup is much expanded, production is still limited and I’d love to max out my shares each week. If you’d been waiting to tell other people about it, now is the time!

Thanks again to everyone for all your well-wishes, excitement and support as we build this dream.

Aaron Quint