Week 18


After a week of some intense recipe testing (and a trip across the country for work) Kingston Bread Lab at Rough Draft Bar & Books is ready for business.

After the electric and plumbing were hooked up, I spent a whole week testing the new oven and mixer (read: trying to figure out how to use them). By the end of the week I was producing loaves I was really proud of, and based on the past year I can truthfully say it will only get better.

Also, last week had me hood-famous with a very nice article about the bread lab and myself in the Kingston Times.

Important Changes to Logistics

Pickups for subscribers are now at Rough Draft Bar & Books starting when they open at 11 AM.

I’ll be making (at least) two types of loaves each weekend (see below) but I’ll no longer be sending out emails to choose which type. Pickups are first-come-first-served. You can pick up at any time during the day, but if you’re coming after 1 pm, let me know and I’ll bag up a loaf and put it aside. Any loaves that don’t get picked up I’ll be selling to folks at Rough Draft.

This Weeks Loafs: Upstate Levain + Kamut Pan Loaf (AND MORE!)

For the first week back I’ll be doing two of my signature loaves. The Upstate Levain is a classic half-whole-wheat sourdough loaf. It features a majority of NY state grown and milled flour and for the first time, it will have 100% organic flour (I’ve found a reliable source for organic roller-milled white bread flour!).

The second is my favorite pan loaf, the Whole Kamut. Kamut is one of the most ancient grains and for this loaf, I mill the whole Kamut grain fresh the day before baking, which gives the loaf a ton of flavor (it reminds me of light honey) and nutrition.

I’m also working on perfecting my bagels in the new kitchen and this weekend there will be individual bagels for sale (with schmears). My speed/capacity isn't enough yet that I can start selling dozens (I’ll only be making ~4 dozen total), but that might be in the cards in the future.

If we’re lucky, my wife Kat might also make some delicious chocolate rye cookies for sale.

Now Playing: Girl Ray - Earl Gray


This is one of those albums that’s almost too on-the-nose of my likes: Jangly guitars [check], Witty/angsty lyrics [check], Catchy hooks [check]. This has become our household’s making breakfast music with the kids shaking their yogurt covered fists along with the beat.

Aaron Quint