Week 19

We made it! Somehow we survived the first weekend of being open for business at Rough Draft. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and support us. It was awesome to hustle and make bagels and see so many familiar and smiling faces. We sold out of bread and bagels and learned a couple lessons about what we need to operate. Most notably, making more bread!

If you came last weekend and wanted to buy a loaf but there wasn't one, there should be a lot more this coming weekend.

I was pretty happy with how the bread turned out. After fretting that the levain dough was way too wet, it came out as one of the best batches I’d ever made. The bagels still have some room to go - I’m still adjusting to the new mixer and flour et al. If you had a bagel last weekend, please know they will get even better!

Weekly Share Updates

This week I put together a new FAQ for Weekly Shareholders. This has some answers about pickups etc and is also a good primer if you’re interested in signing up. Most notably, I’m no longer sending out asks to see if you’re picking up any given week, but if you don’t show up by 1 PM and don’t let me know, your loaf might end up getting sold. This is all just so I don't wind up with a ton of extra bread at the end of the day without a good home.


In exciting news, this weekend will be the first weekend I’ll be doing a full TOAST LAB at Rough Draft starting at 11 AM. Last week was a bit of a dry run with the bagels but this weekend I’ll be getting some extra hands to help me and will be reprising some of the favorite toasts from the HV Hullabaloo as well as some winter ones I’ve been experimenting with. Almost everything is vegetarian and there will be a couple vegan options as well. Come by and have Saturday brunch with a thick piece of Einkorn toast with Labneh, Fennel, and Spicy Herb Dressing a beer and a book.

This Weeks Loaf: Einkorn Boules + Hard White Wheat Pan Loaf

2017-12-16 09.27.09_preview.jpg

Einkorn makes its return. This is always one of my favorite loaves. Something about the aroma of it is recognizable but just strangely hard to place. We get whole grain Einkorn and mill it ourselves the day before baking and feel like the freshness really comes through in the final loaf. The crumb is always open and flavorful and is great for dipping in your favorite olive oil or sauce.

Hard white wheat makes for a great whole wheat flour that has less of the tannins and bitterness you get with typical whole wheat (usually made with red wheat). When baked in a loaf pan, this becomes the best grilled cheese sandwich loaf money can buy.

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At first, I thought this album that just came out was a modern musician doing an extremely faithful reproduction of 70s folk rock, but it turns out this is a collection of ‘lost’ recordings by a young unknown California duo that has just been compiled and released (Read the story, its great). This record feels like summer driving and that’s really what you need when it’s this frickin' cold.