Week 23

Its been a couple days but I’m still digesting (and recovering from Saturday). Wow! The previous bagel weekend, there were some busy moments, but it was totally manageable by myself. This past weekend, the second we opened the doors I was slammed, and without my wife, Kat stepping in and saving the day to take orders I don’t know what I would do. Overall we sold more bagels in 2 hours than I had sold in total previously! I’m so thankful for everyone that came out and I’m sorry if you showed up later and didn’t get a bagel. More soon!

Though not this weekend - Due to some travel on Saturday night there will be no bagels or toast this weekend, there will be a lot of bread starting at 9AM. Due to the same travel, there will be no bread lab the following weekend (4/21).

Save The Date: Next Toast Lab is 4/28. I have some cool ideas in mind, and maybe there will even be some spring veggies to bring out. Maybe.

SSSHHHHH Secret Pizza Party - Friday Night 4/13. I realized I’m going to be in the kitchen baking and prepping dough Friday night - so why not make it a little fun. There will be slices of some square pies for sale starting ~8PM. Check Instagram for more details.

This Weeks Loaves: Upstate Levain + Einkorn + 100% Whole Wheat Pan Loaf

Einkorn Boule

Einkorn Boule

Three(!) different types of loaves this week as I try to ramp up meet demand.

First, the new weekly bread - the Upstate Levain. They came out really stellar last weekend and I’m hoping that’s a trend. This is a classic French style levain bread but with 50% NY grown and milled whole wheat. As I posted earlier in the week - this makes the best grilled cheese.

Einkorn is a crowd favorite and for good reason. It has a unique flavor and when added to loaves as freshly milled flour, it promotes really good fermentation for an amazingly tender crumb. There will be only a few of these loaves and they’ll be coming out ~10AM.

I’m still working on a really good 100% Whole Wheat sandwich bread. This is my latest attempt with 4 different types of whole wheat including spelt and rye. The flavor on this one should be very sour and complex. Great for smoked fish and a cold beer.

Now Playing: Wye Oak - The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs

I’ve been a fan of Wye Oak for many years now - if you follow my music tastes through these updates you probably know why - moving songs with interesting musical arrangements, loud guitars and synthesizers, and a powerful female voice. The new album hits all the right notes and has been in constant rotation. I hate to say it but this is my “calm me down while I’m doing taxes” album of 2018.