Week 24

I spent last week in Albuquerque, New Mexico and though most of it was in a hotel for a seminar, I fell in unexpectedly fell in love with that part of the world. I’m still dreaming of the red rocks, blue sky, and delicious chilis.

It was an interesting week away, but I’m glad to be back in action this week. And a big week it is!

Regular pickups starting at 9 AM on Saturday with a whole bunch of extra bread to sell. Then at 11 AM - TOAST LAB (see below)



This Saturday, starting at ~11 AM we’ll be serving up a variety of toast until we sell out. I’ll post the full menu on Friday, but here’s a sample:

  • Roasted Garlic Butter + Sea Salt (ie the best garlic bread ever)
  • Ricotta and Roasted Cherry Tomato (pictured)
  • White Beans, Arugula, Black Olives (vegan)
  • Salumeria Bielliese Rosette de Lyon Salami, Butter, Cornichon

It’s going to be really fun and delicious, guaranteed. Come early, as last time we sold out pretty quickly.

This Weeks Loaves: Upstate Levain + Semolina Sesame + Kamut Pan Loaf

Upstate Levain is our new standard loaf. This is a classic French style levain bread but with 50% NY grown and milled whole wheat. Makes the best grilled-cheese and is a great all around bread. I saw a bunch of folks just start eating loaves directly out of the bag.

Semolina Sesame is one of our most popular loaves. Featuring a mix of whole wheat, white, and semolina flours as well as a natural tang of the natural leaven. The ultimate bread for a classic Italian sandwich.

Kamut Whole Wheat is a pan loaf featuring a heavy dose of fresh milled Kamut (Khorasan) flour as well as some local whole wheat. Use it for the best peanut butter and jelly you have ever had (ask my kids).

Now Playing: Terekke - Improvisational Loops


A recommendation from my main man MRB has turned into my default working music over the past few weeks. This is quiet ambiance that's pure and light.