Week 26

My garden is mostly planted and I’m started to settle into the feeling like I might actually get to spend some time outside soon. I might even fire up the smoker this weekend …

Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend and ate bagels! Once again it was the most bagels we ever made or sold and it was a great success from behind the barn door. We sold out of almost all our schmears and had just a few bagels left which we got to enjoy with the family the next day. We’ll be doing bagels again the weekend after this (the 26th).

Which reminds me - there is now a calendar on the website that has at least a couple weekends in advance of weekends we are taking off and any special events.

This weekend will just be regular pickups and lots of loaves for sale. There MIGHT be some slices of Pizza Bianca for sale as well (probably around noon).

Serious Coffee + Toast Alert: Village Coffee and Goods

We’re really excited because our good friends Village Coffee and Goods are (soft-)opening their new cafe in Midtown Kingston on Monday! Not only will you be able to get the best espresso in town, but you’ll be able to buy toast on Kingston Bread levain! Go check them out and support them and look for more collaborations soon.

This Weeks Loaves: Oat Porridge and Upstate Levain


I recently bought a boatload of local oats for the main purpose of going back and trying to make Oat Porridge bread. Oat Porridge is a bread popularized by Tartine Bakery in SF that replaces a lot of the flour and water in the bread with well-cooked Oats. I baked a couple test loaves today (pictured) and they're tasting amazing. The oats give a lovely flavor to the bread while also making it very moist and helping it keep for an extended period of time.

There will also be our classic Upstate Levain, which I’m happy to say, keeps getting better. Last week we started using some freshly milled grain we purchased from Maine and the flavor was out of this world.

Now Playing: Nap Eyes - I’m Bad Now


A new album from one of my favorite indie bands. If asked to describe it I would say “what if Lou Reed was writing music in Brooklyn now, and liked talking about his feelings”. It’s emotional but not dark, and infinitely listenable.

Aaron Quint