Week 27

I hope everyone is settling into summer nicely. Me, I’ve been enjoying eating green things again and generally just being outside more. I had the first BBQ of the year last weekend and I’m planning some big ones for the near future.

In the meantime, I’m also trying to plan a beginner sourdough bread class for a little later this summer. It would be a Saturday afternoon at Rough Draft. If you’re interested, please email me!

In the meantime …

This Saturday = Bagels!


Back by popular demand, there will be bagels and bagel sandwiches this weekend. There will be more Zay Zays (Catsmo Lox) but also some new combos:

Christina: Catsmo Gravelox with Mustard sauce and Cucumber Pop Pop: Thinly sliced corned beef and yellow mustard

I’ll also have a limited quantity of vegan almond milk cream cheese for those interested.

Bagels start at 11 AM.

This Weeks Loaf: Upstate Levain and Whole Durum Pan Loaf

I’m adjusting some of the formulas to deal with the heat in the kitchen. Last week, the upstate levain was delicious and actually had a beautiful crumb, but collapsed a little bit during proof because of the serious heat in the kitchen. I’m adjusting the timing so that doesn't happen again.

Alongside the levain we’ll also have some freshly milled Durum pan loaves. Durum is the same grain that Semolina is made from (and tastes very familiar) but Semolina is only part of the grain. We’ll be using whole grain and milling it fresh for this. The aroma of this bread when it’s fresh is out of this world. It will be great for a Salami sandwich or some rich cheese.

Now Playing: Parquet Courts - Wide Awake


This album is a lot more polished and poppy than their previous efforts, but along with the polish comes some catchy-ass songs that I literally can’t remove from my head. It’s been our breakfast music all week, and the kids dance along. [I’m WIDE AWAAAAKE].