Week 25

I’ve been skipping around gleefully over here. We had lunch outside today and for me, that's always my milestone for it being officially no longer winter. I feel suddenly free. There’s a little extra beat syncopating in my bloodstream, and smiles, the smell of charcoal, grass, and sunburn are on the horizon.

In related news, it’s hot as all hell in the bakery so I’m working on adapting everything to this new heat. I’m dripping, but my little yeast babies are loving it.

Big things planned for this weekend: Normal pickups starting at 9 AM and bagels and schmears starting 11 AM. More detail below.

Bagels this Saturday

After a month hiatus, Bagel Lab returns this Saturday (5/12). This coincides with the first outdoor farmers market in Kingston, so go take a stroll down Wall Street, pick up some beautiful veg and then mosey down John st to Rough Draft and get a bagel for lunch. We’ll be starting at 11 AM with a limited number of bagels. Last time we did bagels we sold out in 1.5 hours.

We’re bringing back the most popular items from last time including The Zay Zay (Catsmo Lox with the works) and the Kat (Scallion Cream Cheese, Tomato Cucumber) but also adding a bunch of new items including our highly regarded house-made hummus, smoked trout salad, and even a limited number of Cardamom/Cinnamon raisin bagels.

This Weeks Loaf: Spelt/Emmer/Rye and Upstate Levain


I recently got a shipment of organic flour from a new (to me) mill, Champlain Valley Milling. They’re doing a wide variety of grains grown in NY and Vermont and milled close by. This week will be an experiment of using a number of ancient grains in one hearty boule. I have high hopes it will be a highly flavorful bread with a good structure for dipping in olive oil or your favorite spread.

There will also be a good number of our standard loaf, the Upstate Levain. This dough seems to love this weather, so look for some outstanding loaves this weekend.

Now Playing: Chris Forsyth - The Rarity of Experience


I feel like I’ve said this before, but it feels like the folks who book shows at BSP and I have the same playlists. I’m excited to go see Chris Forsyth play tomorrow (Thurs) night at BSP as I’ve been a fan of this album for a little while now. It verges on jam-bandy but somehow seems more present, soulful, and truly psychedelic in a way that really appeals to me.

Aaron Quint