Week 29

Yesterday, I traveled back and forth to NYC to give a short talk at a small tech meetup about The Kingston Bread Lab (Kingston got a big shout out, too). It was a great excuse for me to reflect a little bit and also realize how far it’s come. We’re coming up on our one year anniversary (first week of August) so I’m starting to think about some big plans. Stay tuned!

Bagels This Weekend

I’m getting back into the swing of things after a week off and ready to slang some fresh bagels. There's a big order of Catsmo Salmon and Trout coming and I have some plans for some fun specials (think “when _ is on a bagel, you can eat _ anytime!!!”).

You can pre-order bagels (and bread) online They’re also a bit cheaper if you order them ahead of time and it guarantees you some bagels. Pickups start at 11 AM on Saturday.

Intro to Naturally Leavened Bread: First Baking Class!


Signup for our first baking class is live!. Spots are very limited (6!) and we’ve already had a few so please sign up soon so you don’t miss out.

New Swag: Leavened By Nature


I got excited about an idea for a t-shirt and just decided to do it and I’m glad I did (they came out great). You can order a shirt online here, (Women’s sizes tooand it will get shipped right to your door. I hope to carry some stock at Rough Draft, soon, but currently, the fastest way to get it is to order online.

This Week’s Loaf: Upstate Levain, Kamut Pan Loaves, and Baguettes


This week we have some classics for shares on top of the bagels.

Upstate Levain is our now standard that I continue to refine. Its a mix of whole wheat and white flours and recently I’ve had to change up the recipe to adjust for the weather. It is hearty but not overwhelming with great flavor.

Our Kamut Pan Loaf is a favorite amongst kids and adults alike. When freshly milled and included in a dough like this, Kamut has a natural sweet almost honey-like flavor. This is the number one PB+J bread.

If everything works out, I should also have a small number of baguettes for pickup or sale (they’ll be $4 each or you can get 2 for a single share pickup). I’ve been working hard on my sourdough baguette formula so I’m excited to share these with a wider audience.

Now Playing: Bonny Doon - Longwave


Another melodic and peaceful album for summer. This has been on my recent travel playlist and I’ve started to want to pick it up again and again. I’m excited to hopefully see them play when they come through BSP later this summer.