Week 31

Nothing much new to report here other than getting better at working in the heat and endless praise I have for you, my friends and community for supporting me and buying all my bread and bagels (really quickly!) in the last couple of weeks.


I'm slowly increasing my bagel production to account for all the demand and the demand for half dozens and such that folks want to take home. If you came after 12:30 last weekend and didn't get a bagel, your best bet is to come at 11 or better you can pre-order bagels (and bread) online They’re also a bit cheaper if you order them ahead of time and it guarantees you some bagels. Pickups start at 11 AM on Saturday.

First bread class postponed!

Unfortunately, due to some last minute cancelations and some other logistical problems, I've had to postpone the first bread making class. I'm working on rescheduling for a weekend in September (where it will hopefully be a little cooler as well). If you're interested, please let me know!

This Weeks Loafs: Upstate Levain + Semolina Sesame + (maybe some ciabatta)


Once again, you have a choice between two types of loaves this week.

This week we'll have our classic Upstate Levain (which I think keeps improving). This past week I smeared a couple slices with pesto and a bit of olive oil and was in heaven.

Additionally, we'll have a couple boule and batard (round and oval) loaves of our Semolina Sesame. This is one of my personal favorites and is the ultimate vehicle for fresh ricotta or some roasted eggplant.

I'm working on scaling up a ciabatta recipe so I'm going to do a run Saturday, but they will be out on the late side and unsure how they'll come out.

Now Playing: Buck Meek - S/T Spotify

My favorite album of last year was Big Thief's Capacity. When listening to it, I was always taken by the guitar playing and assumed it was some heavily processed sound created in the studio. Then I saw them play live last year and saw Buck Meek, the guitarist, WAIL. I haven't really stopped thinking about it since, so I'm so excited to get obsessed with his new album.

Aaron Quint