Week 32

Sorry for the extremely late email this week! That holiday (and the humidity really threw me off). The good news is there is good news!




Two of my oldest best friends, who also happen to be following their dreams, are coming to visit Kingston next week and we’re having a party. Mike (who was my partner in The Pizza Book) is now opening a Record Store in DC (http://www.homerulerecords.com/) and will be spinning BRIAN JAMS (music that will blow your mind). Todd is now a winemaker, vintner, and farmer at Wild Arc Farm in Pine Bush and we’ll be serving his Piquette (On tap!). I’ll be making my square pies with all the fresh toppings I can find. It's going to be a blast - come through! Starting at 6PM, Friday, July 13th.


I’m slowly increasing my bagel production to account for all the demand and the demand for half dozens and such that folks want to take home. If you came after 12:30 last weekend and didn’t get a bagel, your best bet is to come at 11 or better you can pre-order bagels (and bread) online. They’re also a bit cheaper if you order them ahead of time and it guarantees you some bagels. Pickups start at 11 AM on Saturday.

This Weeks Loafs: Einkorn + Upstate Levain + Kingston Country + Whole Wheat Pan Loaf


Lot’s of loaves this week! We’re going to be dropping some of for purchase this weekend at Ravenwood’s Farm Shop.

  • Einkorn is one of my favorite ancient grains. I would say it’s flavor is grassy. Great for a little olive oil and tomato.
  • Upstate Levain + Kingston Country are our classic sourdoughs. The big difference is the Upstate Levain has 50% Whole Wheat while the Country only has 10%. The larger amount of whole wheat adds more flavor and makes the crumb a little tighter, which makes it a little better for sandwiches.
  • I’m also testing a 100% whole wheat pan loaf. This time with a mix of Red Wheat, Spelt and Rye flours. It should be good sliced thin with a little schmear.

Now Playing: Beulah - Handsome Western States

I can’t believe this album is more than 20 years old! I’ve been listening to it for almost that long and it is one of my favorite summer driving albums. I was pumping it in the bakery this week and it was perfect.

Aaron Quint