Week 33

I've been feebly trying to get work done this week, but it's been truly hard as I have PIZZA ON THE BRAIN.

PIZZA WINE RECORDS PARTY at RD this Friday (7/13)



I can't beleive we're days away from this. Todd, MRB and I have been texting and working on the menu non stop and it's going to be BANGIN'. Lots of fresh veggies from the farm as well as your favorite classics.

There will be:
- Lots of Pizza and some delicious side dishes.
Wild Arc Farm Piquette on TAP
- Brain Jams of the deepest variety MRB of http://www.homerulerecords.com/

Starting at 6PM, Friday, July 13th.


Bagels have been happening every weekend now and that should continue for a while. Last weekend we sold the most bagels we have ever sold (127 to be exact) and we were sold out of everything by 2. There's another World cup game this Saturday so I highly recommend coming early or you can pre-order bagels (and bread) online. Pickups start at 11 AM on Saturday.

This Weeks Loafs: Upstate Levain + Oat Porridge + Hard White Wheat Pan Loaf



  • Upstate Levain is our classic loaf with 50% local whole wheat. Great for sandwiches.
  • Oat Porridge is a fan favorite. A very similar base dough to the upstate levain but with a healthy dose of oats mixed in. It is best with a hefty smear of butter.
  • Hard White Wheat is a different variety of common wheat which has a similar flavor to the whole wheat you know but is slightly less tannic. This pan loaf will make great turkey sandwiches.

Now Playing: 801 Live

A friend introduced me to this pinnacle of prog in college and every once it a while it comes back out into rotation. This is a great working album. 

Aaron Quint