Week 36

Not going to lie, it was HOT in the bakery last weekend. I’m blessing the rains right now, hoping the next couple of nights won't be as brutal as a week ago. This weekend is going to be great, though, I’ve already started prepping.

You can pre-order bagels (and bread) online They’re also a bit cheaper if you order them ahead of time and it guarantees you some bagels. Pickups start at 11 AM on Saturday.

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1st Birthday Party this weekend!


This Saturday we’re celebrating our 1 year anniversary of Kingston Bread Lab. So much has happened in a year and we couldn’t have done it without all of you!

We’re celebrating with some special bagel sandwiches, cookies, and some other surprises. Come by this weekend and say hi!

Woodstock Breadpooling

Woodstock resident, Pia Davis, emailed this week asking if we had ever organized a ‘breadpool’ for the bread lab - i.e. a way for a single person from a nearby town/city (in this case Woodstock) would go pick up loaves and bring them back for a group of people. No one has done this with KBL (AFAIK) but it sounds like a great idea! If you’re interested Pia has offered to organize for Woodstock and you can email her at piadavisvl@aol.com.

This Weeks Loaves: Oland + Kingston Country + Upstate Levain + Whole Wheat Pan Loaves

  • I’ve been excitedly awaiting my first shipment of Oland flour from Maine Grains and it should arrive in time for this weekends bake. Oland is a heirloom wheat from Scandinavia that has started to be cultivated in the Northeast. It has a unique flavor that I would describe as sweet, oaty and creamy. I’ll be combining it with some high extraction whole wheat and white flour to make a great toast loaf.
  • Upstate Levain is our classic loaf with 50% local whole wheat (some of it fresh milled). Great for sandwiches.
  • Kingston Country is our take on a pain de campaigne, a French sourdough loaf, with mostly organic white flour and a touch of fresh-milled local whole wheat. Great for dipping in olive oil or your favorite smear.
  • In a new formulation of our Whole Wheat, I’ll be using almost entirely local wheat from Farmer Ground and Champlain Valley Milling. With the addition of some malt syrup, expect a beautiful dark loaf great for your favorite whole wheat sandwiches.

Now Playing: Trace Mountains - A Partner to Lean On


I saw these guys open for (Sandy) Alex G earlier this summer and was hooked on the songs and the energy. The main songwriter, Dave Benton, is a member of another great band I saw last year (LVL UP) and has a way with words and melody. This is a great summer chill album and it has been on rotation a lot during late nights at the bakery.

Aaron Quint