Week 54: Take Another Little Pizza My Heart Now, Baby

Happy New Year! We’re excited to get back to it this weekend with all the favorites and some new specials. We’re still trying to figure out the best schedule for baking in this new temp, but I’m increasingly happy with how everything is turning out.

I have really high hopes for 2019 and we’re going to try to start it off with a bang!

You can pre-order bagels (and bread) online They’re also a bit cheaper if you order them ahead of time and it guarantees you some bagels. Pickups start at 9:30 AM on Saturday.

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Pizza is back! We’re doing another square slice night at Rough Draft after a long hiatus and we couldn’t be more excited. New this time, we’ll be going roman style and selling the slices by weight so you can get a big slice or a little slice and try a bunch of things. Also for the first time, we’re going to try to do WINGS. Inspired by a recent frying kick for New Year's Eve we’re going to try to bring my favorite chicken wings to the people. These will be very limited quantity so come early. This all goes down Friday 1/11 starting at 6PM.

This Week’s Loaf: Einkorn + 100% Whole Wheat Pan Loaf + Upstate Levain + Kingston Country + Baguettes

  • After a long break, we’re bringing back our fan favorite Einkorn loaf. This is a blend of fresh milled whole wheat Einkorn, high extraction whole wheat, and strong white flour. The flavor and aroma of this loaf always reminds me of grassy olive oil. It pairs great with a strong tapenade or your favorite pasta.

  • There have been many requests lately for 100% whole wheat loaves, so we’re going to take a go at this again, this time as a pan loaf. Should be soft and full of flavor, ideal for a healthy dose of jam or butter.

  • Upstate Levain is our classic loaf with 50% local whole wheat (some of it fresh milled). Great for sandwiches.

  • Kingston Country is our take on a pain de campaigne, a French sourdough loaf, with mostly organic white flour and a touch of fresh-milled local whole wheat. Great for dipping in olive oil or your favorite schmear.

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Back on my BS with this year-old soft shoegaze indie rock. It’s good though, and catchy, and sad, and all the things I want right after new years.

Aaron Quint