Taco Dreams, Chili Reality

Back! I have to admit, there was a second there where I really didn’t want to come back from LA. It is a great city, filled with amazing food and bread. More, its a city filled with energy and tacos and good lord, do I love tacos. If I quit doing bread, you might find me running a taco cart somewhere instead.

Lots going on this week. On top of normal bread and bagels this Saturday, we’re continuing our service into the evening and doing Afternoon Toast at Rough Draft. Then, on Sunday, we’re making tons of wings and Chili for Super Bowl. Read on for more deets.

You can pre-order bagels (and bread) online They’re also a bit cheaper if you order them ahead of time and it guarantees you some bagels. Pickups start at 9:30 AM on Saturday.

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Afternoon Toast this Saturday at 3 PM

We’re trying something new this Saturday. and after the morning bagel grind, we’ll be transitioning into TOAST service at Rough Draft. From 3 pm onwards we’ll be slinging delicious ‘afternoon bites’ of toast and seasonal and varied toppings. These will be the perfect pairing for your beer or wine at the bar - a great snack with a drink before dinner. Or if you’re really in the mood, fill up and spend the night.

Menu Preview:

  • Butter + Winter Radishes

  • Labneh + Za’atar

  • Roasted Carrots + Aoili

  • Sweet Potato + Capers

All served on thick slices of Upstate Levain


We’ll be moving right from Saturday to another evening of eats. This time before kickoff for the thing where the two teams kick and throw the ball down the field and there are lots of commercials! Whether you care about the game or not (it will be on a large projector) you can come to Rough Draft starting at 5 PM for Smoked Sausage Chili or a Vegan Chili, Wings, and Polenta Flatbread. It should be very warm, savory, and delicious. Hell, I would have made this at home for myself, but we’re kind enough to share it with you.

This Week’s Loaf: Whole Wheat Pan Loaf + Oland + Upstate Levain + Country + Baguettes


LOOOOTS of bread this week as we expect the usual uptick after a week off. People need their fix.

  • Whole Wheat Pan Loaf is our take on a 100% whole wheat sandwich bread. Last time we made this, it was a huge hit and with good reason. It was moist but sliceable, and so good with a thick schmear of butter.

  • Oland is a grain of Scandinavian origin that is now being grown and milled in Maine by Maine Grains. We mix it into a hearty boule that is becoming one of our favorite loaves.

  • Upstate Levain is our classic loaf with 50% local whole wheat (some of it fresh milled). Great for sandwiches.

  • Kingston Country is our take on a pain de campaigne, a French sourdough loaf, with mostly organic white flour and a touch of fresh-milled local whole wheat. Great for dipping in olive oil or your favorite schmear.

Now Playing: Aldous Harding - Party


I’m over a year late to this album but damn, what a beautiful thing. I found out about it after seeing they were going to be playing at BSP in April (and will be going to that show). If you like Kate Bush or staring out the windows of trains, you will like this album.

Aaron Quint