Shana Tova

Yesterday we had our first KBL field trip to NYC. All in all, we stopped at more than 10 different bakeries, restaurants, and bars walked from the Lower East Side and back up to Port Authority over the course of 13 hours. It was extremely fun and it will happen again (next time, Brooklyn!). It was an action-packed day and while I would love to say I slept in and I’m recovering, it's right back to work today making dough for the weekend.

We’re making more bread and bagels then we ever have every weekend now and we’ll try not to sell out before you get there. At the same time, pre-ordering is still the best option!

You can pre-order bagels and bread online. We now offer all our bread for pre-order online. Pickups start at 9:30 AM on Saturday (and a little later for Challah).


Columbus day weekend (Oct 11–13), The O+ Festival is having its 10th festival in Kingston. As always, we’re super excited to see Uptown swell with people and art and music and we will be prepared to feed all of you all weekend long! Friday night we’ll have Special Sandwiches (more details soon) and then Saturday and Sunday, Bagels and bread and other treats all morning. All at Rough Draft, all paired with the non-stop fun of O+.

This Week’s Loaves: Table Bread + Challah + Ciabatta + Upstate Levain + Kingston Country + Baguettes


This Sunday begins Rosh Hashanna - the Jewish New Year! Shana Tova! We’ll be making a bunch of challah including slightly smaller round loaves, as well as our normal family-style behemoths.

  • Table Bread is our new take on a Country Miche. This is a 100% whole grain bread made with grain from Maine Grains. We eventually want to do giant versions that will last for a whole week (or a large party) like traditional Miche, but this will be the same flavor and rusticity but with a more reasonable size. Great for smearing with butter or cheese, it has enough flavor to be eaten on its own.

  • Our Challah is a naturally leavened (sourdough) version of the Jewish Bakery classic. Each loaf is hand made and braided. They contain a good amount of eggs but are dairy free. Not produced in a Kosher certified kitchen, though we use only the best organic and kosher ingredients. This makes the BEST french toast.

  • Upstate Levain is our classic loaf with 50% local whole wheat (some of it fresh milled). Great for sandwiches.

  • Kingston Country is our take on a pain de campaigne, a French sourdough loaf, with mostly organic white flour and a touch of fresh-milled local whole wheat. Great for dipping in olive oil or your favorite schmear.

Now Playing: Juan Wauters - Introducing Juan Pablo


I’m excited to see Juan Waters play at BSP in a couple of weeks. I described this album yesterday as ‘Wes Anderson Soundtrack ready’. It's sweet and catchy and weird at the same time.

Aaron Quint