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Announcing Season 2
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I wanted to open a sandwich shop. (Actually, I still do). When I told my wife that, though, she was questioning in a way only someone who truly knows you can.

"You're going to get bored"

OK. So I scaled it back. What's the smallest step I can take, that doesn't completely alter my life but allows me to start something and start making food for other people regularly.

Kingston Bread Lab was born.

I wasn't sure how it would go - if anyone would sign up - if people would like the bread that I was working so hard on. Wonderful people signed up and they liked the bread! I had two really successful pop-ups and even taught a bread workshop. 10 weeks went by really quickly.

Most importantly, I didn't get bored.

Bread is still magic.

So I'm starting the next chapter of Kingston Bread Lab with a couple small changes but nothing too crazy (yet!).

Instead of setting the window with a specific time-frame, you can pre-pay for a number of weeks of bread (with a bigger discount for more weeks up front). If you miss a week, no big deal, I'll be sending out a simple message each week ahead of time asking if you're planning on getting bread that week. 

Every week I'll also be putting up a number of loaves to pre-order on Thursday for the weekend bake. This will hopefully let more people try the bread before they commit to longer periods. This also means you can pick up more than one loaf a weekend if you want to.

Pickups are Saturday in Uptown Kingston. I'm looking into doing pickups on other days as well, but just need to get the demand there first.

I'm really excited to start baking again for all of you and hope to see some new faces soon. 

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Announcing Season 1

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the first season of my burgeoning bakery: Kingston Bread Lab. Instead of just making a bunch of loaves and trying to sell or barter them, I wanted to try something different that would make more sense for my current setup and run this as a Community Supported Bakery or CSB. The idea of a CSB is a lot like a CSA that you’ve participated in or been a part of. Instead of produce, each week you’ll receive bread. 

Each week you’ll have a choice between two different loaves or bread styles, and will receive one (~1.75lb) loaf of bread. Most weeks there will be a couple extra loaves for purchase on a first-come-first-serve basis. Keep an eye on Instagram or Twitter for availability. 

Signups are organized into ‘seasons’. The first season will be 8 weeks (though over the course of 10 weeks, with at least 2 off weeks) and will start Saturday, Aug 5th. Pickups will be Saturday Morning starting at 11 AM and loaves will be fresh and warm. 

Each week I’ll also be writing and sending out an email describing a little bit about this weeks bread, the process, and even some recipe and other ideas.

My biggest constraint right now is really just my oven and how many loaves I can bake at a time, so signups are limited based on that. My hope is to be able to expand slowly with demand.

There are more questions answered in the FAQ.

This first season we’re offering three different types of shares:

Full Share

The standard share. This is for one loaf for each Saturday of the season (total of 8).

Half Share

This is for bread every other Saturday of the season (total of 4).

Founders Share

This is the extra special share that I’ll only offer now and each time I’m actually able to increase production. The idea here is not only are you committing to the full share, but you’re putting in a little extra to help me get this started. In return, you’ll get a special founders tote bag for carrying your loaves and more importantly, first dibs on any future seasons, extras, or additional shares.

If you’re interested, let me know ASAP and at what level. I’ll be putting up the shares to the general public by the end of the week, but I wanted to make sure friends and neighbors got in first. I’ll be able to accept credit cards later this week and I’m happy to take cash if that’s easier.

Can't wait to start baking.

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